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Film : The Life Aquatic
Rating :

Bill Murray, Owen Wilson
dir. Wes Anderson, 2004, Color.

I’m a fan of Wes Anderson’s movies. I enjoyed The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and My Baby’s Daddy. The Life Aquatic was also enjoyable although at times it felt like an inside joke that I wasn’t let it on. Bill Murray was great as usual. Or so I’m told. I didn’t watch the movie, per se, because I was on Vicodin that was prescribed for pain relief after dental surgery. My friend was nice enough to toss me a couple.

Remember that movie Quick Change where he robs the bank dressed as a clown? Man, that was a good one. The day I saw that my cousin’s car got overheated and we sang Violent Femmes songs while waiting for the tow truck. Why does cereal cost $5 a box now?

Great production value. Denzel Washington’s best performance to date.