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Film : Vacancy
Rating :

Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale
dir. Nimrod Antal. 2007, Color.

“Vacancy” is one of those movies that you can accurately assess based solely on the previews. Because of that, I used the extra time to nap.

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale shine in this feel-good romantic comedy where anything can – and does – happen!

While vacationing or on their honeymoon or something, a couple’s car breaks down and they find themselves on a laugh-out-loud search for a place to stay.

As with every “No Vacancy” sign in the history of the world, the “No” flickers indecisively, wavering between its options like a woman in a shoe store.

Is the motel filled to capacity or might there be a room available for the young newlyweds? Do the rooms come with free HBO? And why is it that the neon “No” is always the unreliable portion of the popular sign when, right beside it, a word 4 times its length never appears to have issues with loose wiring?

If you liked “Meet the Fockers,” you’ll want to check in to your local theater before “Vacancy” checks out.

Excellent craft services, realistic CGI.

Denzel Washington delivers his best performance to date.