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Film : V For Vendetta
Rating :

Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving
dir. James McTeigue. 2006, Color.

If you’re reading this review circa the time I’m posting it, you’ll know this movie isn’t hitting theaters for weeks.

While I wasn’t nearly as anxious to see this film as my buddy was, he convinced me to accompany him on a journey that would end with the acquisition of a bootleg, yet high quality, copy of this much-anticipated film. I thought this entailed a trip to a shady part of Brooklyn to see someone’s cousin’s friend’s cousin’s friend with da hookup. Boy, was I mistaken.

And so the night began. Faulty train service and a wrong turn led us to encounters with the filthy characters of the night that no one should have to meet. I won’t go into detail for the sake of time and dignity so I’ll try to sum it up… Food poisoning, high-speed chase on foot, theft, “Deliverance,” trickery, life and death, tears, blood, sweat, agony, police.

However, to my friend’s credit, he did end up with a fresh, quality copy of “V For Vendetta” in his possession. The excitement and anticipation was crackling.

Unfortunately, he left it on the train.

We played checkers.

Excellent special effects, character development.

Denzel Washington delivers the performance of his career.