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Film : Dark Water
Rating :

Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Tim Roth
dir. Walter Salles. 2005, Color.

A friend recommended I see the “groundbreaking” new suspense-thriller “Dark Water.” I’ve had soup that was more groundbreaking.

Jennifer Connelly was great but unfortunately, the script was written by a damaged Magic 8 Ball.

In “Dark Water,” a troubled child draws a creepy picture. This is something fresh and new if you haven’t seen the trailers for “Hide and Seek,” “The Ring,” “The Ring Two,” “Darkness,” “They,” “The Grudge,” “Darkness Falls,” “Boogeyman,” and “Meet Wally Sparks!””

In the theater where I saw “Dark Water,” there were exotic dancers, lions, and a threatening gas leak and I was still really bored.

Excellent production value, financing, acting, 2nd 2nd A.D.

Denzel Washington delivers his best performance to date.