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Film : Guess Who
Rating :

Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher
dir. Kevin Rodney Sullivan, 2005, Color.

The joke, clearly, is that Bernie Mac's character is black while Ashton Kutcher plays a white guy. Similar themes can be found in media such as "Bulworth," "Bringing Down the House," and every UPN show ever.

"Guess Who," of course, is a remake of the 1994 classic "D2: The Mighty Ducks." I believe both versions employed the same cinematographer.

Kutcher delivers some of his best work since "Life is Beautiful."

Same with Bernie Mac.

Okay, truth be told, I mistakenly wandered into the wrong theater and saw "Ice Princess" instead. I missed the opening titles so I had no idea I was watching the wrong movie. My friends, however, did make it into the right theater and from what they tell me, it really wouldn't change this review that much anyway.

Denzel Washington's best performance to date.

Great line production, ADR.