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Film : Hitch
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Will Smith
dir. Andy Tennant, 2005, Color.

There was a day not five years ago when I suddenly realized the brilliance behind “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” I always knew it was funny but it took a second generation of viewings for me to appreciate how sharp and clever the writing was at times.

I remember one scene where Uncle Phil tells Ashley “No daughter of mine is getting involved in the music industry,” to which Ashley pleads, “But Daddy!” Uncle Phil then says, “Ashley, honey, I don’t want any ‘butts’!” And the punch line arrives when Jeffrey, standing behind Uncle Phil, adds, “well, you’re certainly losing that battle.”

We never made it to the theater to see “Hitch,” thanks to my newest addiction, White Russians.

Then there was the episode where Carlton tells Uncle Phil that he got into Yale with a full scholarship, to which Hillary adds, “I made my bed!”

Good times. Good times.

Great script supervision, one-sheet.